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domingo, dezembro 14, 2014

All About You

If I say a few words 
everyone will understand who is 
the absolute owner of my heart 

If I say where you live
everyone will understand who is 
who follow me in sweet dreams 

The dreams deepest 
with so much secrets 
And full of hope!

All of the stars 
Shine to your way 
When you just smile 

I can see you!  

I'm here by the side 
You after the ocean 
So close and yet so far 

"You're on the other side 
as the skyline splits in two 
Miles away from seeing you

Games of destination 
I would love to change 
The wind direction 

To kiss you once 
wishing "Goodnight" 
touching your heart 

I can see you 
I can feel you 
In the parallel world 

In many lonely nights 

"So open your eyes and see 
The way our horizons meet 
And all of the lights will lead 
Into the night with me

(I never give up)


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