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sexta-feira, dezembro 02, 2016

Verse of Courage

There was a day
God sketched me
made curves
He shook the brush
It filled me with light
The filling
That is
Filled in with love
To love me
Our similars

write dreams
To see poetry
In every day
In every way
Subtle touches of
and the most
pure passion

I'm a set
Of feelings
And a lot of bravery
that overflows
A few tears
Like a river
falling asleep
After dark
And get up

At dawn
Like the sun
So intense
On the horizon
To redo
Once again

Far from perfection
Just one being
To be a Woman
In constant

I'm like this
As you see me
The essence of

A verse of courage
That survived
A few turns
From the pages of life
So, when reinventing myself

Learned to look forward
To live at last